My name is Kevin Richter and I am a professional cartoonist and illustrator. I specialise in children's book and comic book illustration. I've been freelancing full time for the last eleven years. Prior to freelancing, I held positions at various companies ranging from graphic design to computer games. As a self-employed professional, I have worked with many clients from all over the world, from the BBC to News International. My biggest contract was for The Sun newspaper here in the UK where, for three years, I designed, developed, wrote and illustrated a daily comic for the newspaper. I regularly produce work for children's books, children's textbooks, comic books and any other project requiring cartoon, comic or illustrative work.

I use both traditional and digital techniques to produce my work. My preferred working method is to illustrate with pencils on paper. I then use either watercolour paints to colour the work or to scan the image into the computer and use Photoshop.
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